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Orgasm Denial Web Teases

Hi to all, If your into orgasm denial, try the teases on yourself. If you've been able to complete a tease or teases without releasing, be sure to comment on your experience. Even if your new to orgasm denial and are interested in trying, weather it be on yourself or if your the femdom wanting to tease your sub, you can follow along with my teases (1.) You need to find a set of pictures that has 100 pictures to it. once you find them follow the instructions: Fully dressed girl is 50 strokes....

Ruin His Orgasm!

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ChoiceSupremusObeah In My estimation, slave never has opportunity to enjoy pleasure as I understand pleasure to be or to feel or to exist, slave is to always understand that everything that involves Me I come first. If I am to take meal and eat, I eat first. If I were to be committed to some other matter, I come first, like walking into a place of business. Therefore, If I have slave and there is a situation where I am engaged slave best desire that everything manifest well. And on the other hand, if slave was being used in a gang bang I would not think to look or concern Myself. Again, for the sake of those who are skewed in their reasoning, slave is slave Period. There is no difference between them they All serve, some better than others. 7 months ago
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Hi all. Back! Between a few life's quirl's, I have not been able to be online to accept emails or any of the such. Apologies for that. you can reach me at the same email stated above. I will be updating soon.

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I am in the U.S. and as for mailing you would just mail it to me and when you time is complete, I would mail the key back to you.

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Thank you for adding me to your friends list MistressKittyCat.

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I had slave get out the rope -n- toys. "hmmmm, what to use today.." well I decided to use the toothbrushes on his nipples because it keeps him right on the edge along with a cock vibe that I put on his cock head so once in a while turning it on watching his pathetic cock bounce up and down and then turning it off to really add to the agony, lol .
In about 45 minutes I take toys off, untie his hands and ordered him to bring himself to the edge 20 times and off to bed.

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