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Anyone want to point me to a group that is not about sissy stuff or cuckolding just orgasm denial by your keyholder?

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My Cage exposed by my Goddess Faye

Hi Group, Unfortunately, yesterday I needed to attend an appointment with a medical consultant with a view to fixing a hernia in my groin. I pleaded to avoid humiliation and embarrassment for Goddess Faye to unlock me for the appointment. I wear a 2.5 inch metal spiral cage for Her. Goddess Faye also felt required to choose my underwear for the consultation which were turquoise panties with black lace edging. Obviously I was worried that I would be misunderstood but Goddess Faye reminded me...

Mens Chastity Group
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It's the way it needs to be.

OrlandoCDSub needs one to put on 7 months ago
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I too have used this supplier and can recommend them. I love the way the panties are made to fit the male form and are very comfortable to wear.

I'm not that big a man, my cage is around 2 and a half inches but Goddess Faye has said she loves the look of my caged penis in panties.


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