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Thanks for all the suggestions. We received our custom-made Evotion cage a couple if weeks ago, but there was a slight sizing problem due to miscommunication between them and me, so we're waiting a replacement piece. In the meantime, I've bought one of these tinyurl.com/jhuskct and I've put it on the side of my Better Half's dressing table

I discussed this with Herself last night, and she suggested a birdcage brooch.

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- or did you have something else in mind?

I like the idea of a lapel pin or badge. My Better Half keeps the key on a chain around her neck - so maybe something that complements that? I just found this online www.flickr.com/photos/artvixn/5941431767/

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*issues, not users!

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Thanks for that advice. The plan is that I'll give myself a few weeks to build up my duration and iron out any problems, and then (if there are no users) I'll hand over the keys permanently.

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@ajtee can I ask, did your lock-up relationship start with you having no access to a key, or did it come later?

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Thanks for the replies. While I would never consider breaking Her trust, the aspect of chastity that gets me going is the complete relinquishment of control: I need Her to have total power over my orgasms, so having the ability to cut a tag (even with consequences) wouldn't make the situation less "real" - if that makes sense?

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Emergency key?

Hello A/all. My Better Half and I are fairly new to chastity: we've recently ordered a custom cage from Evotion Wearables with the intention of me building up to being locked full-time with release only with occasional release for cleaning or when She wants to tease/ride/reward me. As we live in the UK and I don't have to go through security gates, this seems realistic, and ideally I'd want to have no access to a key. She'll wear the main key on a chain around her neck, with a spare one in a...

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