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Hello Goddessa

i would lie to apply for a chastity sentence .

i have just bought a Holy Trainer and would like to find a keyholder that could hold the combination to a Master Combination lock .

i could lock the keys in box after i have reset the number combination and sent you the photo of new combination before i delete it from my camara with out looking at the picture first .

then i could be made to preform kinky sissy tasks for the release combination number , i could send pics and vids of me preforming such tasks in private or in public for extra humilation .

if you think you would enjoy teasing me over the internet and have fun and laughing at my pathetic attempts for hopefull release , please get back i will send you the combination and you can start deciding how long i should be locked up for and
what humilating tasks i will need to preform for your amusement .

Happy for this to be put to the vote ot follow form members to put forward
there ideas for release .

once again i promise to post pics and vids of all events



UKSISSYCLARE created a new topic ' Uk sissy looking to be out to use' in the forum. 1 year ago

Looking for a keyholder

very kinky sissy looking to preform all sorts of preverted scenarios for release .

UK based the more weird and way out the better

will post pics and videos as proof

can post out key or combination code for online or real time play

willing to be pimped out on websites for hotel visits for group use
and humilation .


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UKSISSYCLARE shared a photo. 1 year ago

I`d love you guys to put captions on my pics and spread them on the internet for humilation and to be exposed ,sissyclare

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