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How do you talk your playmate to put on a harness and use a dildo on you. Up to now the only way she sort of pegs me is by holding the dildo by hand. I think it would be so much hotter to her to take a more dominant position. Since being in Chastity we have not got back into pegging yet. I am wondering should I expect a prostate stimulation and ejaculation release? Up to now when ever we participated I would bring myself to climax by hand. So that usually brings it too a close. So if no climax... Show more

I am finding it is comforting that while in Chastity I am not under pressure to have a climax. Therefore I can spend complete concentration on just pleasing her orally. Also I am not limited to a smaller time frame and can bring her to climax multiple times. It is very satisfying. I think I am going to like this type of lifestyle.

Billus It's been my experience that when I have been working on pleasuring a woman, I go soft anyway, as I'm so focused on her. In the past, it's required her taking time to get me hard again after her orgasm, and sometimes she's just not been in the mood to have to work after getting off. So chastity just removes the need to have any focus on me whatsoever. 3 months ago

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