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Some of you may have noticed my user name has changed to Antonia. This is because my Mistress is pleased with my progress as a sissy slave. I now am constantly in panties and am made to wear skirts or dresses at home. Will never pass as a female as I have a beard so can only be whatI am, a siisy slave to my godess

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After years of hard cages mistress has bought me a soft silicone one with ball seperator. This is a weird feeling after first 24 hours. It makes my balls more prominent and thus available to her for whatever she chooses, but it means my clit is soft and it feels soft when she squeezes it. Still no stiffening of my clit and as it was first day I was allowed to feel it, squeeze it or whatever, couldn't get out though.

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New small stainless cage. Very tight!

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Has anyone else noticed thatthe size of cages on new chastity devices is getting smaller?
Mind you mine havegotsmaller overthe years by so much my original one just falls off now!

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