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Owned by Goddess Faye Discussion started by Owned by Goddess Faye 1 year ago
Hi Group,

Unfortunately, yesterday I needed to attend an appointment with a medical consultant with a view to fixing a hernia in my groin. I pleaded to avoid humiliation and embarrassment for Goddess Faye to unlock me for the appointment. I wear a 2.5 inch metal spiral cage for Her.

Goddess Faye also felt required to choose my underwear for the consultation which were turquoise panties with black lace edging. Obviously I was worried that I would be misunderstood but Goddess Faye reminded me this a natural, matter of fact state of affairs and not to worry, Mistress Faye would accompany me with Her key and would only use it to release me if needed.

During the journey I felt scared but somehow excited, on the final walk to the clinic Goddess Faye held my hand and helped me travel the final few steps.

We both sat in the consultants room and discussed any treatment then he announced he would call in a nurse to carry out a physical exam. I have to admit it I was scared then completely embarrassed when behind a screen I was asked to lower my trousers to reveal my panties with the cage clearly showing through. I saw the female nurse look at me then look at the consultant who was pulling the lacy front of my panties down a little to examine my hernia.

I have to add that during and after the exam both the nurse and consultant acted very professionally and as if everything was matter of fact which is what Goddess Faye said would happen.

After the exam we calmly talked through the future treatment and as I left the clinic with Goddess Faye I felt that She had totally humiliated me but I also felt a sense of achievement and commitment to a Woman of great caliber.

Do others have stories of similar achievement to share?

qutie Welcome to your "new normal" ,,, Lara 1 year ago
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