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6665rock Discussion started by 6665rock 1 year ago

I am beginning to get in touch wih my inner sissy but need some help in doing so. I prefer a dominant female or TG/TS but I'm willing to accept guidance from select dominat males. 
I believe that the hairbrush, bathbrush and paddle can be very effective teachers. I would like to be taught to suck sissy clits and boy cocks and I'd like to be traind to swallow their inevitable emmissions. But my remaining male pride won't allow me to even try. 
Do you think your hairbrush, bathbrush and paddles can persude me to begin oral service to sissies and boy cocks?  
How many sessions with each implement would be necessary? How many swats? How hard? Over my panties, bare or both? I can take several dozen of the brush otk although I do a lot of wiggling but I would probably have to be restrained to take the paddle. 
Do any of you have experience with this kind of training? What would your training program consist of?  
In the meantime I can only fantasize and self spank while I await responses. 

Humbly yours, 6665Rock

sissychrissy77 i think id be sucking after the third hard hit regardless of impliment. as fore a regimre of training it should be done till the slightest breath is pain and then you suck to completion. any deviance fromthe task earns more correction on the spot 1 year ago
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