Ruin His Orgasm!
Ruin His Orgasm!

Ruin His Orgasm!

What a wonderfully unsatisfactory way for a submissive to release!

subrobbo replied to Orgasm Denial Web Teases 3 months ago

The cock must be locked up straight after in a chastity cage so there is no chance of orgasm

mistresskittycat posted a new discussion3 months ago

Orgasm Denial Web Teases

Hi to all, If your into orgasm denial, try the teases on yourself. If you've been able to complete a tease or teases without releasing, be sure to comment on your experience. Even if your new to orgasm denial and are interested in trying, weather it be on yourself or if your the femdom wanting to tease your sub, you can follow along with my teases (1.) You need to find a set of pictures that has 100 pictures to it. once you find them follow the instructions: Fully dressed girl is 50 strokes....

Ruin His Orgasm!

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ChoiceSupremusObeah In My estimation, slave never has opportunity to enjoy pleasure as I understand pleasure to be or to feel or to exist, slave is to always understand that everything that involves Me I come first. If I am to take meal and eat, I eat first. If I were to be committed to some other matter, I come first, like walking into a place of business. Therefore, If I have slave and there is a situation where I am engaged slave best desire that everything manifest well. And on the other hand, if slave was being used in a gang bang I would not think to look or concern Myself. Again, for the sake of those who are skewed in their reasoning, slave is slave Period. There is no difference between them they All serve, some better than others. 4 months ago

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mistresskittycat replied to Key Holder 4 months ago

Hi all. Back! Between a few life's quirl's, I have not been able to be online to accept emails or any of the such. Apologies for that. you can reach me at the same email stated above. I will be updating soon.

mistresskittycat replied to Key Holder 5 months ago

I am in the U.S. and as for mailing you would just mail it to me and when you time is complete, I would mail the key back to you.

Jim48 replied to chastity cages type 6 months ago

Right now I have a CB6000. But ordering a Jailbird from Mature Metal. It should be much more comfortable. Ordering a 1.5 inch long and 1.25 diameter. Should be stuffed in with no chance of even the slightest erection.

MaitresseLaura1 replied to Back from the holidays 7 months ago

hello, here i took my husband to the naked beach, in front of everyone i took his chastity off then ordered him to wank and to ask me for permission to cum. he is trained to move his hand away for his tiny one with just the word "stop". He had to ask 5 times to be allowed to cum when i said "yes", then when i felt that he was about to cum i simply said "stop". The timing was perfect, he started to spurt fucking nothing but the air. People applaused

reach the edges easily, and can see the juice is dripping from the holes of the steel cage, I want to release badly. I can do anything for HER

reach the edges easily, and can see the juice is dripping from the holes of the steel cage, I want to release badly. I can do anything for HER
RideMeHard9 replied to Ruined Orgasm 8 months ago

I find a ruined orgasm does relieve tension, however because it does not completely satisfy it makes us want to believe that our superior will gives a better release next time, adding to our already submissive behavior.

And, if he does...I want it to be so Poor that it was a waste

I do not want My slave to ever have an orgasm...EVER!!!

Pinky and the bride replied to chastity cages type 9 months ago

but I'm sure that will be fixed when I buy the name brand with there bio resin, if you want to discourage erections go with the holy trainer (or ht2) with the small cage , I've read great reviews on them and ht2 will be my next and possibly last cage I buy since the knick off is so comfortable, I've even forgotten I'm wearing it , also sorry for multiple posts hitting enter apparently submits a post instead of just going down to next line

Pinky and the bride replied to chastity cages type 9 months ago

only had few times it pinched , but that's cus it's a knock off and made of hard plastic like the cb s , and they didn't round down the edges on air holes)

Pinky and the bride replied to chastity cages type 9 months ago

I'm currently in a knick off h2 that I got off of aliexpress for like ten bucks ( wanted to try style before dropping Monet on real one ) that by far has been the most comfortable I've tried so far

chastebob replied to chastity cages type 9 months ago

As for the pain, I'm with tj, there shouldn't be any with the right fit, regardless of the unit. Currently I spend a lot of time in a Spiral Stainless and it is very comfortable, and the easiest to put on of all the devices I've had. As a grower I get a little edema very easily so I'm out of the cage for a few hours every day. (Just out, not for anything fun) I have seen leather chastity harness etc. but they seem more for temporary bedroom play. I cannot see one of those for even full day...

tj246 replied to chastity cages type 9 months ago

I am lock in cb3000 i dont seem to have any problem it is not painful for me,,,what just is the problem that is given you pain is the ring to tinght i am long term lock up and been in life style for 15 years maybe i can help

locked up pet posted a new discussion9 months ago

chastity cages type

I've been locked up in plastic an silicone cages, both are painful , are steel cages that much for painful? an leather cages are there any out there that allow for bathroom use for long time wear? an are there any leather ones with pin pricks inside to discourage erections?

Ruin His Orgasm!
subender replied to Key Holder 10 months ago

i wonder where you are and how well a long distance key holder would work as i am in Australia

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