Very exciting story!

CB6000 longest has been a couple of days.... I am willing but she doesn't want me locked up any longer than that.

Your requirement for release has not been completed. You've got 0 out of 1 done. A non-user must go to:

The CarliLock v2 HOLY COW!! this is cool !!
Dukestoy replied to Emergency key? 3 months ago

Thanks for all the suggestions. We received our custom-made Evotion cage a couple if weeks ago, but there was a slight sizing problem due to miscommunication between them and me, so we're waiting a replacement piece. In the meantime, I've bought one of these and I've put it on the side of my Better Half's dressing table

disciplinedboyfriend replied to Emergency key? 4 months ago

All the spare keys, pin etc. are held in a lock box -… - It has two combinations. If an emergency arose, Mistress could advise me of a code to get in. When the device is not on it goes in here too.

Locked in new steel cage. Using Carli lock and need the requirement meet.

The CarliLock v2 Drew0256
Enchained replied to Emergency key? 4 months ago

We have an emergency key frozen into the centre of a large block of ice. If I use it anything other than an emergency I have no chance of re-freezing it before she gets back..

Does any one have experience with Kali's teeth. Mistress ordered some that arrive tomorrow or Tuesday and I'm apprehensive. They are for punishment use so I suppose I should be. Tips and tricks would be welcome

Enchained So there it is a package on the side for Mistress. Subbie K can't stop grinning when she looks at it. Mistress is back at 2 ish. So I guess she'll be keen to have a fitting. Can't say I'm looking forward to this.. 4 months ago
Enchained Tried to comment before but it wouldn't post. The teeth were unbearable. During the night I woke up with them dug in pleading to be released. They did some nasty damage so I've been unbelted for a while. Now safely back caged. 3 months ago

All metal CB6000 type. Custom modified with chain belt. Additional chains padlocked onto the side pins and an ass strap. Holds cage very securely. 7 days so far. KH has promised release tonight..

northirishlocked replied to Extra Cages! 4 months ago

hello any of the cages left ?

den_sub replied to Extra Cages! 4 months ago

Do you still have the cb6ks? Where would you be shipping it from?

Dukestoy replied to Emergency key? 5 months ago

*issues, not users!

Dukestoy replied to Emergency key? 5 months ago

Thanks for that advice. The plan is that I'll give myself a few weeks to build up my duration and iron out any problems, and then (if there are no users) I'll hand over the keys permanently.

chastebob replied to Emergency key? 5 months ago

Other personal issues aside, your anatomy and fit can have something to do with the need for an emergency key. I've been in various devices for almost 10 years now, and every one of them produced edema within a single day. So my unlock is basically every day for a few hours. Doesn't mean I get to cum. But if it should get worse quicker than usual I would need a key. I understand what you mean when you talk about the feeling with complete loss of control. Just be very aware of how your fit...

sissychrissy77 replied to Emergency key? 5 months ago

my lock is combination

Dustin120 replied to Extra Cages! 5 months ago

Can you give me more info on cb6ks & loris?

Need some advise. New to Chastity devises, would like to be caged 24/7 but been have problems finding one I will not slip out of when soft. I have tried metal & plastic knock offs (because of cost of name brands) of CB & birdcage. The best one for comfort and staying in has been holy trainer 2 (had to save up for that one) but still have trouble with it staying on. I have what might be called a beer belly even though I only drink coffee and water. I measure 1.56 inches when soft. Piercing is out... Show more

Bwild I use the Halden XS ( extra short ) it comes with a urethral tube to help with urination and hold the shaft in place making it less likely to slip out. I got mine from Amazon for about $54. I am locked for 2 weeks at a time with no problems. 5 months ago
maid4panties Have you ever considered getting a PA piercing? I have one, and it allows me to be locked only in a tube if any issues arrive from other styles. 5 months ago
Dukestoy replied to Emergency key? 5 months ago

@ajtee can I ask, did your lock-up relationship start with you having no access to a key, or did it come later?

ajtee replied to Emergency key? 5 months ago

I'm pretty much permanently locked in a LORI and I have no access to a key. When we travel (200 miles away last week) she "forgot" to bring the key. The device fit is important and if it is of great quality and you know the "choice" is in her hands, the need for a key doesn't factor in - at least for my situation. If there is any doubt about being "caught" in your device, have a spare available. I just don't have a say in the matter anymore as she now has complete control and loves it.

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