pink babydoll and pink polka dot paties....and of course my chastity device

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cute mature sissy in jax florida

cute mature sissy in jax florida

Hello! New to this site and group. Looking to meet sissies who are interested in masculine key holders ...

Hello ...

I'm wondering if any of you are in Dallas. I need guidance and help.

Panties and a slip. Usually have overwhelming desires to cream in my panties when I get up

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Well Hello Kitty! So sweet and sexy!

my next door nabor got me this ites cute i love it ites my firest 1 blushvery new shes going slow blush
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so happy, maybe unlocked this weekend - feeling happy

so happy, maybe unlocked this weekend

i dress a CB Houdini

rowena replied to what are you wearing now? 4 months ago

Pink Victoria's secret bra and thong panties with a spiked Birdlocked mini.

I do have a thrill when being sissified and it makes me happy, however like others as soon as I orgasmed, there was an overwhelming sense of shame and I had to get out of everything immediately. Thankfully being in chastity has stopped the orgasms and has allowed me to enjoy being sissified for longer periods of time.

My Mistress has just started to sissify me, so I have to sleep locked with panties on.

i think id be sucking after the third hard hit regardless of impliment. as fore a regimre of training it should be done till the slightest breath is pain and then you suck to completion. any deviance fromthe task earns more correction on the spot

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Chastity, spanking and oral

G Persuasion I am beginning to get in touch wih my inner sissy but need some help in doing so. I prefer a dominant female or TG/TS but I'm willing to accept guidance from select dominat males. I believe that the hairbrush, bathbrush and paddle can be very effective teachers. I would like to be taught to suck sissy clits and boy cocks and I'd like to be traind to swallow their inevitable emmissions. But my remaining male pride won't allow me to even try. Do you think your hairbrush, bathbrush...

T-Girl / Trans / Sissy Group
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Beautifully shaved and fitted!

Some beautiful locked girls

Panties and bra. And my cage of course

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Oh if only i could look that good

So Yummy!!!

Charletta is property of Madam MArquisse chastised yesterday for a month.i confessed to her that i want to be feminized and changed into a tgirl. So if there is anyone who can help me in my transition i would to chat with them or you can go directly to Madam MArquisse. Thank you

hello every body and hello to all Mistresss and Goddessess - feeling happy

always the CB often stockings always panties bra and long nightgown

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